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Full Stack Engineer

  • Software Development
  • Full-time
  • US
  • Remote

2021-11-12 17:52:21 UTC

Come build tech to help CPG entrepreneurs reach independent retailers! As a Full Stack Engineer you'll be a key part of our initial engineering team working across the full scope of our application to establish our technical direction.

Who is Rodeo CPG?

Rodeo is on a mission to demystify and democratize CPG.

As the SaaS team of RodeoCPG, a leading professional services firm for innovative consumer goods companies, we aim to free entrepreneurs and their teams from the mundane and arcane workflows that bog them down. Working with leading experts and rapidly growing startups across the CPG landscape, we are developing intuitive solutions targeted at growing brands.

Our initial focus is on simplifying the process of selling wholesale consumer products to independent retailers by helping brands generate and fulfill leads.

Working at Rodeo

We are a small, growing team comprised of people from both CPG and tech backgrounds who love working together to find tech solutions to CPG problems. We embrace a Product-Led Growth strategy and believe that delivering a quality product by listening to our users is the best way to achieve our mission of helping CPG founders. To determine what we build and how we build it we follow the Shape Up methodology, which lets us be flexible and creative.

As a fully distributed team, we are big believers in keeping things asynchronous, and make extensive use of tools like Notion, Slack, Asana, GitHub, and Figma to help us do so. We put a premium on maintaining a non-siloed culture where engineering, product, and design work in close collaboration. Everyone contributes and no one is a ticket-taker!

We get a thrill from shipping things quickly and avoiding blockers, but never at the expense of quality. Clean, well-thought, tested, maintainable code makes us happy, and we use thorough PR reviews to encourage discussion of optimal patterns. We use automatic code formatters and linters ubiquitously to keep everyone on the same page, and catch the silly mistakes easily. We see TypeScript as our JavaScript hero, and believe the Zen of Python can be a good guide regardless of language.

The Role

We are looking for full stack engineers that want to help us build our product from the ground up. As a member of our small team you will have full ownership of tech projects across the stack, and even across functions if you like to help shape how features are implemented and designed. Your contributions will form the foundation of our product, making this a great opportunity for those that are excited by making architectural decisions and establishing practices, patterns and services to be used by the current and future team.

As a young team and product our stack will continue to evolve, but today Next.js/React, TypeScript, Emotion, Python/Django, Postgres, and GraphQL (Postgraphile and Apollo) are at the core. We run CI with GitHub Actions. Our dev and prod environments are fully containerized with Docker, our infrastructure is defined in Terraform, and we deploy to AWS using ECS/Fargate. Join us if you want to help decide what tech we use next!

Who You Are

  • You have 2+ years of experience writing code for production web applications

  • You love learning new things and are probably capable of more than you think

  • You are passionate about writing great code that is well-reasoned, maintainable, and love iterating to find better implementations based on sound programming fundamentals

  • You are quite experienced with at least one modern object-oriented programming language like Python, Ruby, Java, etc., but can make good arguments about why functional programming may often be better

  • You've written JavaScript (or TypeScript, if you're lucky) for the frontend, ideally using React (bonus for experience with Apollo)

  • You’re knowledgeable about relational databases (ideally Postgres), and how to design efficient schemas (bonus points for experience with more advanced database techniques like functions, views, triggers, and complex queries)

  • Working across the stack and figuring out the details of how to implement a feature excites you – all the way from database schema design to styling the frontend components


  • Health Insurance

  • Life Insurance

  • 401(k) Plan

  • Flexible paid vacation policy

  • A supportive workgroup dedicated to uplifting one another

  • Working at a high-growth, VC-backed startup where work-life flexibility is important

  • Competitive salary and equity opportunity

  • Advancement potential - You are not bound by your specific role. In a rapidly growing business, the sky is truly the limit!

Remote restrictions

  • Workday must overlap by at least 4 hours with Boston, MA, USA